• RELEASE DATE /Feb 15, 2013
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD


Chronicles: “102.6 the Kill Zone” is the long-awaited double LP from Indijinis – the Rebelethaneck. Over one and a half hours of music, Chronicles is the result of a vision set out by Indijinis to reach out and capture the essence of Seattle’s diverse array of hip hop talent. Featuring guest appearances by a whopping 46 emcees, this album accomplishes something never done in Seattle hip hop. Leaping from one style to the next, yet all tied together by the signature lyrical sickness of the one-and-only Indijinis, Chronicles has enough flavor to make MSG taste like sand. Uniquely arranged in a mock-radio format, hosted by Kube 93’s Harrison Wood, this project is a must-hear release from AudioDose.

Executive producers: J.Lee & Steve Mayfield
Mixing & enginnering: J.Lee Mezus
Mastered by A. Wattson at AD1 Studios
Recorded at Ground Zero Studios
Seattle, Washington
Interludes & 102.6 “The Kill Zone” written by Indijinis & Harrison Wood
Production by: J.Lee / Mezus, Doctor Wax, Nickels, Nitro Fresh, Slick, D. Chump, 206 Assasin, and Half Breed