• RELEASE DATE /May 24, 2014
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD


A collection of nine tracks from Dmac Uno, hand picked from a three-volume series entitled Cloud City, previously released under D’s recently-former moniker Macadosha1. D’s debut release on AudioDose Records, re-recorded, remixed, and remastered. Prelude to his new album featuring all new material, entitled Holey Sockz Rocka, the Cloud City Collection introduces and chronicles the story of Bremerton, WA’s illest.

Recorded at AD1 Studios, Seattle Washington
Mixed by J.Lee Mezus
Mastered by A. Wattson

Track 01 produced by Ben Ford
Track 02 produced by DJ Khursey
Track 03 produced by Macadosha1
Track 04 produced by MackinBeats
Track 05 produced by BangMusic TV
Track 06 produced by CJ Beats
Tracks 07& 08 produced by The Cubz
Track 09 produced by Cardiak