• RELEASE DATE /Jan 24, 2014
  • FORMAT /Digital


Luca is proof that Seattle is nothing less than an oasis of talent, and is poised to become known as the one of the illest new emcees out of the region. With delivery as sharp as a razor, the 19 year old prodigy is putting other rappers to shame with his natural ease of flow. His first release, a free mixtape entitled “Future Memories” is a collection of original rhymes spit over 12 industry beats. It is a debut glimpse into the mind of Luca; listen, enjoy, and watch the story of this future legend unfold.

All lyrics written and performed by Luca
Track 5 co-written by $in
Track 7 features KatherinEva
Recorded at AD1 Studios
Mixed & engineered by J.Lee
Mastered by Mezus