With a sound that is both dark yet thought-provoking, emotional yet strong, it goes without saying that RobxSin’s music strikes a nerve with most listeners. Not only can one learn something from his lyrics, but they will no doubt feel something too. With an up-beat, energetic, and positive attitude by day, his down-tempo and sometimes heavy material can seem like quite the contrast. But like most artists, RobxSin uses music to vent life’s frustrations. It’s his release and his getaway, and he can’t go a day without it.

Born in Renton, Washington and spending most of his life in Seattle’s Delridge neighborhood, RobxSin has most definitely evolved within the Northwest landscape. Although his music may have more of an east coast flavor, his love for fellow west coast artists like Tupac and Kendrick Lamar remains strong. He has been swayed and taken influence from a variety of genres growing up, ranging from Outkast to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but credits his sound to Drake and Andre 3000.

Growing up without a father and as an only child, music has always been a source of inspiration and comfort. Hip Hop was his companion, his diary, and his outlet. It helped him to become the man he is today, and has shaped not only his growth as an individual, but his entire creative identity.

RobxSin was met with hostility and judgment after expressing an interest in rapping as a young teenager. But soon after he began writing as a high school freshman, he found support for his ambitions and desire to create his own music. With the help of some loyalty and encouragement, he decided to take his music more seriously, and he’s been improving his lyrical skills ever since.

With his first mixtape, Dark Daze under his belt, RobxSin now has his mind set on a full-length album. Dark Daze is a testament to the struggles we go through growing up in today’s world, trying to balance our deepest artistic desires with the need to survive. Laced with simple, yet haunting melodies, and a cadence that spans the entire Hip Hop spectrum, RobxSin’s next project will no doubt be another profound statement. Stay tuned.