Indijinis was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, but moved to Seattle, Washington as a child after his parents divorced. Hip-Hop became an integral part of Indijinis’ life during the 80’s. Since then rap music as well as hip-hop culture have been the driving force behind what makes Indijinis tick. In the late eighties, a large spike in gang activity took a firm hold on Seattle’s South End, West Seattle, and Central District communities. This was not the route Indijinis choose to take. Instead he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in and was subsequently shipped off to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego after graduating from high school. Indijinis served for a little more than 7 years as a U.S. Marine Infantryman and Marine Security Guard, where he spent time in Hawaii, Okinawa, Japan, Korea, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, El Salvador, France, and Mexico.

During Indijinis’ time in the Marine Corps his love for hip-hop music and its culture remained deeply rooted in his heart and soul. After being honorably discharged in October 1994, the drive, hunger and desire to write dope rhymes and rock crowds had not been extinguished. After spending several years building his craft as an artist, Indijinis’ dropped his first solo project titled Megiddo:The Twenty Twelve Effect- a prophetic, lyrically powerful project referencing end time prophecies, aimed at the masses as a beacon of truth and a warning to all the impending dark days that lie ahead for us all.

A few years later in 2008, he linked up with J.Lee and Unlimited MC of AudioDose Records, and instantly clicked with their crew. Soon thereafter he was signed to AudioDose, and started working on his next record. Over the next several years, Indijinis, along with 6 other emcees from AudioDose started performing together as what became known as the A.D. Crew- a powerful blend of hip hop that rocked stages across the Pacific northwest, and solidified Indijinis as a serious artist.

In 2012, he dropped his next album, Chronicles. Over one and a half hours of music, Chronicles is the result of a vision set out by Indijinis to reach out and capture the essence of Seattle’s diverse array of hip hop talent. Featuring guest appearances by a whopping 46 emcees, this album accomplishes something never done in Seattle hip hop. Leaping from one style to the next, yet all tied together by the signature lyrical sickness of the one-and-only Indijinis, Chronicles has enough flavor to make MSG taste like sand.