For the Seattle-based hip hop collective, Munkbizz, what began as a shared love of freestyling quickly grew into a tight-knit crew of like-minded artists with an appreciation for the culture. Like hip hop itself, this young but extremely talented group of cats stands on many pillars of creative expression. The strength of this unit stems from a broad spectrum of rap styles, characters, and energies, which come together to form a chemistry the likes of a young Wu Tang Clan.

Monkey Do AKA Overdose Boi AKA ODB was with the crew from it’s conception. Bringing a rambunctious energy and an obscure sense of humor to the team, he is one of the more dynamic members of Munkbizz. He likes to make people smile, and with his signature hypes and abstract way of thinking, this “wave lord” can easily get the average person moving. Mix one part bully, one part sweet, a dash of bizarre, and you’ve got ODB.

Esai spends most of his time on the other end of the spectrum: he brings an incredible amount of passion and discipline. His undeniable skill, impeccable timing, and unparalleled motivation makes him the perfect influence for his young counterparts. He brings a fire to the music that makes other emcees want to be better. It’s clear that Esai is a true emcee through and through, mixing a clear message with a unique and thoughtful lyrical style.

Another original member and an essential part of the team is Eyez Othelo. Although an initial impression of Eyez may be that he is a bit eccentric, his intelligence, sense of humor, and creativity always come to the forefront. Easily one of the more low-key members of Munk Bizz, his personality equates to a smooth, soothing flow that’s easy on the ears. His word play is always on point, which may be why he is labeled as the “ladies man” of the group.

J. Oooze is, without a doubt, the most aggressive wordsmith in Munkbizz. His raw lyrical style and conscious message bring a much needed balance to the group. Although the crew as a whole has an overall positive vibe, J. Oooze’s desire to raise the awareness of those around him cannot be ignored. He has a laid back personality that runs counter to his raw and powerful delivery, which makes for a dope mixture of intelligent, dark truth with an encouraging twist.

The sole producer of the crew is Pharaoh AKA King Pharaoh. As a member that spends most of his time on the other side of the creative process, he adds a unique chemistry to the group, and it’s all love. He plays a crucial role in the squad, and can give criticism and feedback that comes from his own musical skills as a beat maker.

The oldest member of the Munkbizz family, Rhymes AKA B Slick, can be summed up by his third alias, MAVO: mad and vocalized rhymes. A self-proclaimed lunatic with a heart of gold, Rhymes has a knack for getting people in touch with their emotions. He has definitely taken on the more serious and adult role in the ensemble, however his style can be anything but. On the other side of the fence is the youngest member, Timmr. He is the quiet constant; the glue that holds everything together. He brings a different, more quiet energy to the studio, and lends a feature here and there. The eighth emcee and character in Munkbizz is Germ. He has an undoubtedly quirky sense of humor, and he brings that to the table through his rhyme style. He has a funny, hype man type energy that plays well with the rest of the crew.

This group of eight hip hop artists exudes a talent that far exceeds their ages. Each has something unique that they contribute to the collective, and when combined, it creates a truly unique, fun, insightful, and clever reflection of today’s youth. They’re definitely one to watch in the Seattle hip hop game.