Jake Good, also known as AV, is a multi-talented artist and performer. As an MC and DJ, he’s been a soldier of true hip-hop for years (nevermind the fact that he’s also a dope mural artist/painter/designer). Starting in Alaska, he made a name for himself as an MC spitting freestyles on air, hosting radio shows, and winning battles in Juneau, Sitka, and Anchorage. As a DJ, he spent time spinning downtempo and hip-hop at local clubs. After performing at countless shows and festivals, he teamed up with DJ Astronomar to release his first full-length project “Akronym” under Homeskillet Records.

Soon thereafter, he moved to Seattle to further his passion for hip-hop. Quickly after arriving to the emerald city he began to immerse himself in the Seattle scene, working for Ground Zero Studios, SPACE, AD1 Studios, and ReignCity Events. He was soon signed to AudioDose Records, and has since been featured on numerous releases, including Unlimited MC’s “Capital L EP” and “Unlocked”, “The Indijinis Chronicles”, Phonetic’s “Sound It Out”, “SOulDOpe”, as well as other various singles.

AV became the official AudioDose crew DJ in 2012 as well as being an active visual artist, promoter, MC, and performer. He co-hosted and DJ’d ‘Sets in the West’, one of Seattle’s longest running hip hop monthly events, until 2014, and still spits ill rhymes at shows all over the northwest. In 2016, he released ‘Various Artists’, a compilation of tracks featuring dozens of features. He’s currently working on his next project. AV is truly the audio-visual epitome of real hip-hop at its finest.




Various Artists
  1. 01 Airtight (Ft. Unlmtd MC, J.Lee Mezus, Indijinis, Lefty Spitswick, & Sick Steen)
  2. 02 Troubled
  3. 03 Ego Trippin (W/Unlimited MC)
  4. 04 Hooked (Ft. Sick Steen & Unlimited MC)
  5. 05 Killin It
  6. 06 Neu Breed (Ft. Indijinis, Paradame, J.Lee Mezus, Prapa Gramma, Lucid Minded, & Lefty Spitswick)
  7. 07 Rock-It Science (W/Unlimited MC)
  8. 08 Wolves of the West (Ft. Unlimited MC & Nathan Wolfe)
  9. 09 Nightmare (Ft. Lefty Spitswick, Indijinis, Paradame, J.Lee Mezus, & Unlimited MC)
  10. 10 Ugly
  11. 11 Kung Fu (W/Odyssey)
  12. 12 King of Da Town (W/Modem)
  13. 13 I'm Just Sayin' (Ft. Phonetic & Odyssey)
  14. 14 Realize (Ft. Auraswon & Phonetic)
  15. 15 Haywire (W/Phonetic & Manner)
  16. 16 Way of the Samurai
  17. 17 Conspiracy
  18. 18 Boom Bap Rap (Ft UnlmtdMC, Soul The Interrogator, Indijinis, MC Faust, Lefty Spitswick)
  19. 19 Drunken Masta (Ft. Unlimited MC & MC Faust)
  20. 20 Homesick (Ft. Manner, Brief, & Loogey)
  21. 21 Afterlife (W/Odyssey)