After his last album “Unlocked” (2013) Unlimited MC is back working on his next project, Limit Aka Unlimited MC has since hopped the pond from Honolulu, Hawaii and has now planted roots in Sydney, Australia, His involvement with the Hip hop/Graffiti scene started from an early age in his home town of Kamloops B.C Canada,

His career has taken him from Kamloops to Vancouver to Seattle Washington where he settled in 05, this is where his career took off getting onto a record label, performing in local shows and releasing three albums. Limit made his presence known in Seattles local community and even went on to win 1st place for the Songwriting category in Hip Hop at the 2011 Independent Music Awards with his song “Our Way” (With J.Lee Mezus)

After making a life changing move in 2012 to Honolulu, Hawaii, Limit got the Chance to re-focus and during that stage met his wife in 2014, No matter where he resides, he continues to be a hardworking, energetic force and is ready to make a name for himself in sydneys underground hip hop/rap scene.