• RELEASE DATE /October 14, 2015
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD


“Keep calm, focus is the Key. A novel of a noble man addicted to the beat.” Seattle-based Canadian rapper Unlimited MC illustrates how he’s done just that, while he “broke the rules and kept rapping” on his first solo LP, The Key. The album, laced with hard hitting beats and clever lyricism, stands to be a future northwest underground classic. Unlimited MC’s straightforward “punch you in the face” type delivery and witty rhyme style capture the essence of true hip hop at its best. Featuring appearances by Sicksteen, AV, Status Real, Paradame, J.Lee, Auraswon, and Nick Nice, the album has plenty for every hip hop fan to love and listen to- over and over again.

©2009 AudioDose
Executive Producer: J.Lee
Mixed by J.Lee / Mezus
Mastered by A.Wattson
Recorded at the ChopShop & Ground Zero Studios, Seattle, Washington
Production by Sick Steen, J.Lee, Will Comfort, The City, Aspect, Keevil, Nebulis, Nick Nice, and Tommy Bishop
Scratching by Astronomar, Sicksteen, Donnie Dee, DJ Invented, Mezus, Shorthand, Affecktx, and Reign