• RELEASE DATE /October 14, 2015
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD


The original LP from Seattle-based hip hop collective Top Left (AudioDose), featuring emcees J.Lee, Auraswon, Charms La Roc, B.Smooth, Unlimited MC, and Postcript. A collection witty and defiant lyricism, interlaced with cryptic thoughts, which captivate audiences and challenge listeners to think. Raw urban narratives and gritty rhymes blend with occasionally serious topics, that beg pondering. The group’s foundation in graffiti culture, social defiance, and a relentless desire to impact the youth of today, serve as a foundation for underlying messages, filled with symbolism and sarcasm. Orchestrated by producer J.Lee, The Warning is lined with clean melodic beats thick with emotion and a mildly sinister edge.

Executive Producer: J.Lee
Mixed by Mezus
Mastered by A.Wattson
All tracks produced by J.Lee / Mezus
except for tracks 07 & 12 produced by Will Comfort
Scratching on track 05 by Sean Cee
Scratching on track 02 by DJ Hanibal
Guest appearances: Bazukajo – track 05, Mic Flont – track 11, Fice – track 12, Paper, Test One – track 14, and Echo – track 15