Formed in 2006, Top Left quickly gained a reputation for their unique style and energy. Within 2 years, the 6 member crew, including Charms La Roc, Auraswon, J.Lee, Unlimited MC, B.Smooth, and Postcript, carved a permanent spot in the landscape of sound which is northwest hip-hop.

Originally coming from both east and west US coasts, as well as Canada, the members of Top Left converged in Seattle to form a dynamic sound that always turns heads when heard. With a wide, but cohesive range of diversity, the group brings together several styles to form an alluring sound, bringing a fresh element to the northwest hip hop scene.

In 2007 Top Left released The Warning, a 17 track LP. The record contains witty and defiant lyricism, interlaced with cryptic thoughts, which captivate audiences and challenge listeners to think. Raw urban narratives and gritty rhymes blend with occasionally serious topics, that beg pondering. The group’s foundation in graffiti culture, social defiance, and a relentless desire to impact the youth of today, serve as a foundation for underlying messages, filled with symbolism and sarcasm. Producer J.Lee’s pounding beats drive the record with clean melodic rhythms, thick with emotion, and a slightly sinister edge.

With an explosive stage delivery, Top Left has been known to generate enough energy to power a small town, leaving average hip hop in the dust. Currently the group is on indefinite hiatus, working on solo projects.