Auraswon is an all around entertainer. Going all out to give the crowd something they will never forget, he keeps the energy high, while maintaining his smooth and concise delivery. To describe his performance in one phrase: ‘Everyone will sweat’

Auraswon was born in Edmonds, Washington where he lived for less than a year before relocating to the city of Tacoma, WA. Growing up, he was surrounded by a variety of music as his grandfather was a professional choreographer, father a singer, and uncle an emcee. Around the age of 12, Auras began freestyling and battling friends and relatives after being continuously peer pressured to rap by his uncle and his crew. Or as Auraswon recalls it, “I was the youngest in the crew, so basically I was like the rhyme test dummy. Eventually I developed some fire and started heating people up!”

Auras sites Mobb Deep, D’Angelo, and El- P as early influences for his musical style which he sums up as “Rebellious Soulful Blues”. After spending a couple of years refining his emceeing skills and exploring production, he began writing and immersing himself in hip-hop as a lifestyle. At 15, he recorded his first song as a featured artist for the hip-hop group, “Lojique” on their album “Language Arts” which was released on Syntax Records in 2000. He also produced songs for such artists as Braille, Soul Plasma, Othello, Smoke (Oldominion), and many more. During his time recording and producing, Auraswon had the opportunity to see the more professional side of the music business which inspired him to pursue a career in hip-hop on a more serious level.

He then invested some of his personal finances into musical equipment and joined forces with a 7-member group called, “Propagodz” in Tacoma. The group began performing shows at various venues and appeared on several radio stations including KPLU, KEXP, and KUPS where Auras would display his free-style skills during live sessions. The group gained further popularity by opening for hip-hop acts Common Market and Blue Scholars in 2004… In 2006 he helped create a second super crew called: “Top Left.” Top Left gained local celebrity after opening for underground artists Mr. Lif (Definitive Jux), and Grayskul (Rhymesayers Entertainment) in 2007.

Auras actively released music and performed under Audiodose Records and Nouveau Riche Lifestyle, LLC (management) until 2012.  He has been mostly on hiatus, but has worked on various projects from time to time.