• RELEASE DATE /April 20, 2012
  • FORMAT /Digital


Active I’s most recent release The M Thesis, which typical of producer and brainchild J.Lee, is not an album that is easily categorized. Traces of reggae and industrial are incorporated woven into the fabric of the songs, that while based in hip-hop, expand on the possibilities of what the music can be. Featuring J.Lee, Auraswon, Paradame, Rubedog, B.Smooth, and El Bouchere, the album employs J.’s love of paradox; of what he calls, ”complex simplicity.” Lyrically, the M Thesis encapsulates that sensibility perfectly; over hypnotic beats, with discerning and intricate messages acknowledging of the ills of society, while simultaneously delivering a feeling of senseless tomfoolery and sarcasm.

All songs produced by J.Lee / Mezus
except track 19 produced by Will Comfort
All songs written by J.Lee,
with Auraswon, Paradame, Rubedog, B.Smooth, Unlimited MC, El Bouchere, B.Smooth, Charms La Roc, and Postscript
Mixed, mastered, & engineered by J.Lee & A. Wattson