• RELEASE DATE /May 30, 2014
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD


Northwest to the fullest. Pure hip hop from Dmac Uno, the Holey Sockz Rocka. All new tracks showcasing the latest from Dmac Uno aka Macadosha1, ripping rhymes with a style that’s more polished than it’s ever been. From t.p. missions under grey skies, to beast mode and summer jams, and even an appearance from ThreeStrikes Diamond Teeth, this album has a bit of everything. Sit back and enjoy.

Recorded at AD1 Studios, Seattle Washington
Mixed by J.Lee Mezus
Mastered by A. Wattson

Track 01 produced by Coopac
Track 02 produced by Lee
Track 03 produced by J.Lee Mezus
Track 05 produced by Prsrpnts
Track 06 produced by D. Sinister
Track 07 produced by J.Lee Mezus
Track 09 produced by Spekulation
Track 10 produced by J.Lee Mezus
Track 11 produced by Small Fortune
Track 12 produced by Corbin Butler