• RELEASE DATE /June 17, 2016
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD

All songs produced by J.Lee Mezus
All songs written by J.Lee and Paradame
With DMac Uno on track 04
And AV, Indijinis, Prapa Gramma, and Lucid on track 10
Additional vocals on track 07 by Kara D
Recorded at AD1 Studios, Seattle, Washington, USA
Mixed by J.Lee Mezus
Mastered by A. Wattson
©MMXV AudioDose


A one-of-a-kind album from J.Lee and Paradame, fitting for Active I’s brand of often-hard-to-classify hip hop fusion. Spanning 45 minutes, “Earth is Dead but We’re Alive” presents an abstract, and frequently paradoxical blend of misanthropy, cynicism, love, and idealism, in a melodic amalgam chanted over laid back and gritty beats.

*** The Bandcamp exclusive version of the album contains 2 additional bonus tracks, not available on the regular release (iTunes, amazon, etc). The bonus tracks feature appearances by Unlimited MC, Phonetic, Sick Steen, and DMac Uno. The download also contains a lyrics PDF file, and download links to the Lytebryte and Rubber Rooms music videos in HD .mov files ***

The album is already receiving positive press! A few quotes:

“Earth Is Dead, But We’re Alive has so many highlight moments it’d take more time to count them then it would to listen to. Highly skilled and delivering in full-force at almost any moment you could skip to throughout this album – Active I is making more than just a grammatical-mockery of any sentence I write where I use their name – they’re making music with a high-standard of excellence.”

-Jer, Sleeping Bag Studios, BC

“Overall, this is one of the best hip-hop albums I’ve heard in years, lyrically as socially aware and political as Public Enemy’s Chuck D, with music that is constantly inventive and imaginative. J. Lee and Paradame are both masters of their craft and the way their talents combine to work in perfect synergy is something special. The production is slick and cutting edge, so, with several potential singles to choose from, this is surely the album that puts Active I firmly on the map. They should be massive.”

– Alex Faulkner, UK

“The beats are glitchy, with heavy bass drops that create a huge backdrop for the almost choral vocalizations, while the hip hop stylings are drizzled over the canvas. An entirely pleasant listen”

– Chris Marsh, Crossradar Blog

“There’s a darkness to this electro that I really appreciate and love. It’s not dreary…nothing like that…it’s a tension that exists in the music that is eerily captivating, dangerous and menacing. I can absolutely see dance-crews grabbing onto these dynamic tracks; even in their mellower moments these two have a back-alley mist of mischief that veils each song.”

– Jer, Sleeping Bag, Canada