Every thought has a frequency. Each of these frequencies has its own energy; all of us are the masters of a single infinite power we work with as one. Paradame, whose legal name is Brenna Vertz, is living evidence of such. Through her music, we hear exactly that truth, but that’s just for starters. Once the haunting melodies and sick rhythms get stuck in your head, you will no doubt be left wanting more.

A visionary performer, dancer, and studio musician, Paradame has become an integral part of the Seattle music scene since her debut guest appearance on Active I’s The M Thesis, in 2008. Since then she’s performed over 200 live shows, gained a loyal fan base, released 2 solo LPs [Ion Cannon (2011) & Rebel’s Advocate (2014)], and has featured as a guest artist on over 20 hip hop albums.

Paradame’s songwriting skill and live performances display an unmistakable uniqueness; coupled perfectly by producer/husband J.Lee’s pounding rhythms, which have been hailed by industry critics and fans alike (as Noah K stated it, “a new hip hop for the masses”). Altogether, her sound of singing and rapping over bass-heavy electronic beats heavily rooted in hip hop, draws from various influences, fusing elements of reggae, dance music, soul, and traces of punk rock. With a sound often laced with darkness, yet wielding a message of light, there can be no mistaking- Paradame owns her style.

In addition to her solo career, Paradame has joined forces with J.Lee; the duo is now the official new lineup for the group Active I.  Keep posted for upcoming releases and shows.  Release dates, new videos & singles coming soon…