You will be hard-pressed to find a more appropriate name for an emcee than Lefty Spitswick (short for Spits-Wicked), because this left-handed mic-ripper spits some of the wickedest rhymes you will ever hear. With unmatched intellect and fierce lyricism, Lefty is a diabolical dark horse of the Seattle hip-hop scene.

As a kid growing up in the South Seattle neighborhood Skyway, Lefty mainly listened to metal and hardcore rock music. You could say he was a rebel, so much so that he ran away from home on his 13th birthday while his mother was out getting his cake. This was the shape of things to come, for Lefty would later become more free-thinking and risk-taking as an emcee. Through the rest of his teen years Lefty couch-surfed and skipped school altogether, only to wake up in a trailer one day while experiencing a hip-hop revelation. He wanted to rap.

During the early 2000’s he started freestyling with friends and hopping in cyphers, and soon formed the hip hop crew Asylum with fellow rappers Siccness and Mar2. In 2006 Asylum released the EP State Hospital. In ’07 Lefty featured heavily on MC Faust’s LP Block Philosophy, then later linked up with the peeps at Ground Zero Studios where he was discovered by Audiodose. For the next several years he featured on numerous projects and singles, while regularly competing in freestyle battles, and co-hosting the hip hop monthly Sets in the West. In 2013, Lefty took a hiatus from hip hop, but he’s recently returned, and is working on a new project. Stay tuned.




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