Just a ferry ride away from the rainy city of Seattle, the self-proclaimed Northwest rapper resides in the small harbor town of Bremerton, WA. A laid back style, unconventional lyricism, and a positive sound make up Dmac Uno, aka Macadosha1. Although born in Santa Barbara, Dmac Uno has lived and breathed the top left since the age of six. Taking influence from a number of different artists and genres, he has a sound all his own, but undoubtedly Northwest.

An innocent cypher as a kid has blossomed into a passion and a desire to make music. Six albums and three hip-hop-loving kids later, DMacUno decided to take it to the next level and pursue hip hop seriously. After a chance meeting with Audiodose at AD1 Studios, not to mention a shared love for all things Star Wars, he is now two albums into a new chapter with the AD crew. Seattle became a welcome change where he was encouraged to create his own brand of hip hop.

A dope sense of humor paired with a knack for performing has given rise to more ambitious dreams. Along with making music, he also has his eyes on comedy, short films, and entertainment. But the ultimate goal is to be heard. People need a way to get through the struggle, to feel good, to relate and to laugh. D.Mac.Uno hopes to be that source of inspiration. “Music is life and life is music.”